David Justin Kalsion
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Age: 14
Birthday: August 13th, 1995
Job: Student
Religion: Roman Catholic
Relatives: Lisa Kalsion (mother) Rob Kalsion (father)
First appearance: N/A
Final appearance: N/A

David Justin Kalsion is a fourteen-year-old freshman student at Richard Nixon High School. He is infamous as a troublemaker and a bigot.


David has brown eyes and shaggy black hair that covers most of his right eye. He wears a black shirt and black jeans, and when dressed for special occasions has a black suit with a black tie. During the winter he wears a black cap. He has a spiked collar and wristbands - this look is an attempt to look emo.


David is a prankster and troublemaker who doesn't understand the difference between a serious situation and a joke. As a result David is often cast as a racist or a bigot, while to David sees life as a huge game and acts as such more so for the fun than due to actually disliking minorities. Despite this, David does have a bit of serious racism towards African-Americans. Still, David only fakes his anger not only for jokes but to twin over the girl he loves (see below)