Michael Alan Tucker
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Age: 15
Birthday: March 10th, 1995
Job: Student
Religion: Roman Catholic
Relatives: Linda Tucker (mother) Noelle Tucker (sister) Bruce Tucker (father)
First appearance: N/A
Final appearance: N/A

Michael "Mike" Alan Tucker is a fifteen-year-old freshman at Richard Nixon High School. He is noted for his leadership abilities and amplified empathy, which stem from childhood anxiety due to his parents' divorce.


Mike has brown eyes and black hair which he combs carefully each morning. He is usually seen wearing a dark green shirt with an American flag on it and in jeans, but when dressed for special occasions wears a dark green suit with a bowtie and black pants. During the winter, he wears a green beanie.


Mike was conceived accidentally shortly after his parents Bruce and Linda were married. Bruce and Linda often argued over raising the baby. After Mike turned three, they filed for divorce, and Linda moved out of Chicago and into suburban Loserville, and Mike only occasionally was able to spend time with his father, who'd fallen into depression after the divorce, becoming an alcoholic. Mike befriended John Vanson during the second grade and at the same time his mother became pregnant with Mike's sister Noelle who was born a year later. Mike often questions his sister's and occasionally his own parentage.


Mike is outgoing and laidback, often kidding around even when things are serious, however he has great empathy for people and is a source of comfort for his friends. Despite this, Mike rarely lets his own emotions show through, often covering with his sense of humor. When Mike does feel a situation is serious, he is a source of leadership, able to easily get those around him to obey commands on short notice, but his word is not unquestioned. When things come to his family, Mike can be cold and emotionless, and dislikes speaking about his father - however, he is very protective of his sister Noelle. It is suggested that his outgoing personality, leadership abilities and increased empathy is due to his father's absence, in that Mike wishes to be a leader to make up for not having one as a child.


Mike, like his friends, has a strong perversion and thus isn't the most popular among the girls. Still, the girls often find him more attractive than the other boys, which Mike acredits to his hair.